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good condition - Something might be paid before hand perhaps in respect of packing charges &c.  However you will of course know and be able to tell me the nature of the agreement that should be made. I must say I think the op-portunity should not be thrown away.  I had a very nice Expedi-tion to the South a little while ago.  The main object of which was to visit a small settlement of Tyro-lese & Italians whom the Government has attempted to Establish as Colonists in an Experiment to see whether Eu-ropeans are likely to succeed in agri-cultural work out here.  I fear that the prospects of the little village that was intended to be - are not very bright.  As yet no ill effects can be traced to the country or climate - (though they will soon have to face the veri-table plague of flies of various sorts which infest some parts of the country during the wet season) but i am afraid that little jea-lousies among themselves will help 

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