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Summer & Autumn with us at the charming place that we have when in the most charming part of the Highlands, so that we might have 5 [indecipherable] numbers of grouse shooting, Salmon fishing & deer stalking together "before we go home & be no more seen".  If Barbara only gets as well as she was there this last season how very happy we might be.  Arthur Onslow could look after the ladies who tho they might miss you would have no reason to complain of your under such circumstances of you leaving them for 9 or 10 months.  I hope by next mail or the following to send you a formal invitation.  If yr. friends let me see the [indecipherable] are at [indecipherable] very well.  So are your Brothers & [indecipherable] surely well too.  Nicholson is [indecipherable] tenure at Hadleigh very well also.  The Normans were quite well when we heard last, of course delighted at the time politics have taken.

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