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and I have been purchasing, among other things I got the other day at Stevens, 21 Musa Sapientum [?] & Musa Cavendishii for less than 1/ each.  Linden asked 30/- for the Superta!  The prettiest thing in my house just now is the Antigonon, you must place it in yr. Store where you will find it replays you well for the room it occupies.  I saw nothing I think I told you, that has struck me with its peaceful beauty at Ceylon than this creeper.  By the way I enclose you 2 seeds of the [indecipherable] used to be.  Thwaites has just send me some.  It is a long time coming up but flowers rapidly afterwards.  Have your blossomed succulents [indecipherable] yet.  I never see it now [indecipherable] of it.  I think that it is [indecipherable]


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