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were a failure.  The specimens of [indecipherable] are barely alive and the large [indecipherable] defunct for which I am very sorry in as much as I have just built a new large Fern house & such [indecipherable] specimens would have set it off amazingly.  I shall be very glad to get the Terrestrial Orchids when you can collect them.  Sydney is the place for Thelymitras & other sand loving species and the [indecipherable] place I have running parallel with the railway between Campbelltown & Liverpool for the [indecipherable] species of [indecipherable].  Hooker told me the other day that he had flowered a [indecipherable] 2 feet high!  I have a very nice collection of Spanish & Italian Terrestrial Orchids, the blossoms of some of which during my absence were exhibited at the Cornish meeting of the Hort. Soc.  My collection are getting large now so that I or I should say Green take up something new or [indecipherable] or very good long fortnight [indecipherable].  I went last Sunday with the 

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