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over in Great Britain has [indecipherable] to me the grass.  The grass [indecipherable]

Apples and pears are only just setting with [indecipherable] is good, but when will they be ripe.  They are no cherries or [indecipherable] & no wall fruit, no gooseberries & but few currants.  Strawberries are only just beginning to set now and then such a season but it was worse upon Italy & France where I came thro' these countries a few weeks ago.  All the grapes in Italy had or are failing thro' excess of [indecipherable], while in France the [indecipherable] got their best in the grape crop is already [indecipherable] as lost, but as the [indecipherable] crop olive crops in Italy are

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I have your seeds

had an opportunity of getting them examined & [indecipherable] that they are alive [indecipherable] all the Figs on the Coast.  [indecipherable] good bye & God bless you, [indecipherable] old friend.

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