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tail again, which God grant, 

Pendell Court,
Aug. 3rd [in pencil - 1877]

My dear Friend

Your letter of the 7th of June containing the 2nd of [indecipherable] for £100 came safely to hand.  You will have heard that I duly recd. the 1st of Exchange, a small part of which is already consisted with Orchids.  Now touching Orchids, the enclosed letter from Lincoln will inform you of an opportunity presenting itself of sending you all them which Green has accommodated & I have now to tell you that I have directed him to take advantage of it, & shortly after you receive this I trust that you may get two large cases full, containing upwards of 50 good plants of the names of & prices pd. for which Green will duly inform you.  All these plants I have seen, the cases, the [indecipherable] & the [indecipherable] & if only [indecipherable] on board.

Current Status: 
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