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Lady M.  I did tell her [indecipherable] of her asking me if I could throw any light on the subject that I would send her your letter about [indecipherable] encroachment, but I thought better of it afterwards & did not send it.  I have been in communication with her Ladyship about another matter, the Parramatta Monument [indecipherable] but there has been no allusion made to her affairs generally & I will after what you say take care to avoid that.  I see very little of Lady M. now.  I cannot [indecipherable] you , my dear old friend, wandering up & down beside the [indecipherable] pool & Campbelltown Railway looking out for Terrl. Orchids for me.  Heaven [indecipherable]!  [indecipherable] this locality as one that I thought one of your garden Boys might visit.  Do not [indecipherable] trouble

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