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may tide over the year without the war which has been threatened so long between Russia & Turkey.  The Turks small [indecipherable] to them, have declined the interfering of the European [indecipherable] within internal affairs & then only agreed that in the long term they will have to [indecipherable] their self respect.  Their great claim is, the very shakey state of Russia itself.  I had a letter a few days ago from Lady Parker, where she & Parker seem quite well & I saw Lady Macarthur lately looking very well indeed.  Your previous letter spoke very hopefully of dear Elizabeth's health & spirits so as you do not mention her at all this time I am so glad to [indecipherable] to the conclusion that she has returned to [indecipherable].  I am thinking of going on a trip to the West Indies!! starting in the middle of Feby, you will hold up your hands


in astonishment, but you know what a [indecipherable] bird I am & how found I am of Tropical scenery & new countries.  If I go, I propose to take my two nieces, Lizzie & Susie [indecipherable] with me & I may be [indecipherable] to go on to the [indecipherable] & Canada, returning home before the end of May.  Travelling you know agrees with me.  If I can do anything in the way of Orchids you shall benefit.  By the way, I have no close upon 500 Orchids & I daresay 60 or 70 Bromiliads.  I have too now 6000 sq. feet & upwards of glass! so you see that I am not an altogether unworthy disciple of yours.  With warmest love to you all.

Your [indecipherable] old friend

Geo. Macleay

No letter from Onslow, will write to him next mail.

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