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I think I mentioned the place & gave a short description of it in my last.  My poor Sisters death interrupted my shoot there so that altogether I have not been more than a month there in these visits, on one of which Mrs. Macleay accompanied me, but I enjoyed myself while there amazingly.  On my first visit I took up Wynyard Greathed of Lucknow celebrity & Cathcart of Rosby [indecipherable].  We have killed altogether about 800 Hans, about 40 Roe deer, about 400 Brace of Grouse & as much of other Birds such as blue [indecipherable] Partridge, Pheasants & wild fowl & wood [indecipherable] & Snipe none two days in the trees & shot 2 fine Stags one at about 400 yards & the other at something under 200.  We are to have a party to [indecipherable] of one of the [indecipherable[ of [indecipherable] the day after tomorrow.  Old [indecipherable] among our forests there again and Tom [indecipherable] also, who told all his old stories with variations.  Mangles by the way shot two of Peters ferrets when rabbit shooting.  When I return

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