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exceptions being the Waratahs being one of a [indecipherable] you deferred.  Brother has got the two indicated for him.  The large case by the "Windsor Castle" has not yet come in.  I have sent a list of plants which I know are waiting at Camden for Veitch & I hope before long to hear that your cases refilled are on their way back.

We have a very open season here and I have only just removed my Palms Pandanus & Dracaenas under glass again from the places where they are placed in Summer on my lawns to which I might add my Bananas & Tree ferns.  It is a very pleasing practice in modern English gardening, this introduction in Summer in out of doors scenery of tropical plants.  I wish that I could get some large Macronemas [?] or grass trees.  And now goodbye dear friend.

Ever very affectly yrs

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