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Pendell Court,

Nov. 9th

My dear Friend

[indecipherable] start with I have to acknowledge the receipt of your [indecipherable] per "Whampoa", together with a case of plants by the same vessel.  These last Green reported upon, having had an opportunity of seeing them which I had not, on the morning of the day on which the Port closed, [indecipherable] that owing to being full up, after the [indecipherable] when the sap had commenced to rise, that the contents wd. not arrive in good order, was fully borne

Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]
[indecipherable] of Orchids for sale on the 13th so that the whole matter will be closed I trust by the Whampoa [indecipherable].  I must [indecipherable] to keep you out of your plants, as I did say that you have become as [indecipherable] as I am


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