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May 16th 1867

My very dear Friend

We have just [indecipherable] though hearing of your sad bereavement.  I should say our bereavements for [indecipherable] years past I have been accustomed to regard you all as something more than friends and I need not tell you how [indecipherable] sympathies [indecipherable].  You poor dear Brother had attained an age I believe not far short of the term allotted by the Psalmist to man yet he was so fresh in all his feelings, so warm

Sir William Macarthur
&c, &c, &c

[Cross-hatched writing]
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If I say what I feel, & but run the risk of storing up a [indecipherable] that have nationally been throughout all ages by the lapse of time.  I think that they will [indecipherable] that if we have rejoined with them lately we now know with them.  Tell them this my dear Fellow with my best love. I will not attempt to [indecipherable] with them - in fact I cannot do it.  My wife has written but I may add her short affectionate regards to my own.

God bless & [indecipherable] you all.

From your most [indecipherable] friend,

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