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species and likely to do well.  New plan had the [indecipherable] accepted on Pendell by Dr. Maxwell Masters who came here the other day with the Gllacombs.  You will see what a fernery I propose to have!!  Send me then please more [indecipherable] Platyclinis and more Neoptoptens spelt Thurmnoptens [?] in report as [indecipherable] as you can and please send them in a Wardian Case.  [indecipherable].  My Neoptoptens are simply glorious, fronds from full more long.  The admiration of every one.  My secret of them right from the beginning, plenty of manure in [indecipherable].  Please send me also whole barrels of the coverings of the roots in the nymphs [indecipherable] & similar [indecipherable], ferns masses & small orchids intermixed.  And now that I have "voided my cupidity" there is nothing

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