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Brownlow Hill about 25 years ago when I took it into my head I was suffering from [indecipherable] down too much diluent matter in the shape of hot Tea & so weakening the gastric juices.  I gave up Tea taking cold soda water & milk instead & got quite round.  Take the hint my dear Fellow.  By the way touching the Tea from Darjeeling had the [indecipherable] from the [indecipherable].  The half chests selected Tea among wh. were four chests were despatched from the Mills in July, but there was some delay [indecipherable] know not yet in the Transit to Calcutta passing to damaged roads & bridges.  One Tea [indecipherable] to a change of [indecipherable]

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[indecipherable] & has not been heard of by the middle of September I imagine that this will [indecipherable] be heard of at all.

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