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to assist me in this matter.  To you except so far as time is concerned this would be no difficult task for you, & I need not say that I will take care that you get the credit.  Perhaps Mr. Noals wd. kindly assist.  I am glad that the wild Fig is thriving & shall await with much interest the account you may give of its attentions to the softer sex.  I will tell Veitch to put up two plants of the Damascus grapes in his next turn.  I cannot tell you what the other Figs are.  I sent many kinds to Veitch from the Levant, from Spain & from Naples, & they have all got mixed up together.  In truth I find that it is of no use to send them things, unless they have some extraordinary value [indecipherable].  All else is soon lost sight of.  We came up to Town yesterday to our house in Hyde Park Gardens.  I say ours because I have now bought it for £9000.


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