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to assist me in this matter.  To you except so far as time is concerned this would be no difficult task for you, & I need not say that I will take care that you get the credit.  Perhaps Mr. Noals wd. kindly assist.  I am glad that the wild Fig is thriving & shall await with much interest the account you may give of its attentions to the softer sex.  I will tell Veitch to put up two plants of the Damascus grapes in his next envoi.  I cannot tell you what the other Figs are.  I sent many kinds to Veitch from the Levant, from Spain & from Naples, & they have all got mixed up together.  In truth I find that it is of no use to send them things, unless they have some extraordinary value from their novelty.  All else is soon lost sight of.  We came up to Town yesterday to our house in Hyde Park Gardens.  I say ours because I have now bought it for £9000.


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