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Pendell Court,

Aug. 7th

My dear old Friend

The accompanying letter will show you that I had not lost sight of the [indecipherable] of interchange between you & [indecipherable].  I am sorry that I could not see him before the man went out so that he might better [indecipherable] to you by it.  Life is [indecipherable] and so some time I think that I may [indecipherable].

Sir William Macarthur

[C ross-hatched writing]
with trouble poor dear Fanny.  [indecipherable] is a monstrous heart and I think wd have been to the [indecipherable] before now, had it not been for the [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable] which will have set up the [indecipherable of the Premier.  The [indecipherable] will end I think in [indecipherable] being removed from [indecipherable] & put immediately under the Treasury, a [indecipherable] the matter [indecipherable]

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