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hidaceous plants, planting them out among stones, in a well drained borders in prepared soil, & expects them to do well.  I never have succeeded in growing them in pots.  The [indecipherable] part of my Cape bulbs, I grow out of doors, covering them up in the snow in winter.  This summer my Ixias, [indecipherable], Tritonias [indecipherable] were finer than I ever saw them at G. Bay.  Indeed I do very well with flowers of every kind but as to fruit, the less I saw about it the better, no peaches, no nectarines except a few under glass, a few figs, no apricots, no plums or cherries, no pears, and but a half crop of apples, of strawberries however currants, gooseberries & [indecipherable] I had a tolerable crop.  Good bye & God bless you dear Friend, never mind going out of yr. way to get me terrestrial orchids, [indecipherable] send me if you have them D. Teretifolium [indecipherable] & any other Dendrobiums other than what you have already sent.

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