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I went to the city to speak to [indecipherable] on the subject.  His note to me on the following day I enclose.  I cannot help thinking that they will turn up somewhere in yr. own ship.  In the troublesomeness consequent upon the colusion I can easily imagine that they were stowed away when they ought not to have been.  I trust that you have got them & that the contents are now safe at the [indecipherable]  How very truly you will be in garden  [indecipherable] & every thing [indecipherable] for a year to come.  Wretchedly idle as I am I almost envy you this work, at least I think I do I am glad your cows got safe.

Yr. Brother & the Ladies as you will now from him

[Crosshatched writing]

now that you wd. be as ready with your [indecipherable] as I should be.

Barbara sends you her very kindest regards.  She is far well well [indecipherable] now.

I wish every best wish from myself, I remain

Yr. very sincere friend

Geo: Macleay


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