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at present with respect to Howes exhibitions.  Howes has I confess astounded me much.  I learn [indecipherable] an accordion play in his (one [indecipherable] apparently quite by itself & play [indecipherable] too.  I have seen a Table & a chair [indecipherable] touched by anyone & for [indecipherable] in my own house when no proposal could by very possibility have been [indecipherable] move up by themselves since [indecipherable] the party were sitting.  The unseen [indecipherable] hand under a cloth & grasped it [indecipherable] move about, far beyond the reach [indecipherable] of Howe's feet, and I have seen [indecipherable] use & remain for half a minute about a foot in the air.  [indecipherable] he wonders.  I should mention that [indecipherable] sceance took place in my own house [indecipherable] there could have been no [indecipherable] yet [indecipherable] believe in spiritualism than I can when you [indecipherable].  I confess I should like very much to get at the bottom of the [indecipherable].  I have but lately returned from the shooting I took in [indecipherable] in [indecipherable with Peter & Onslow [?]

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