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indeed.  Thank God it is passing off.  We are here at a most charming place, the ancestral [indecipherable] of the Brokes, now Broke-Middleton.  The house, very large & fine is said to be of the time of Henry 8th & to have been built by the [indecipherable] Broken a Sd. Chief [indecipherable] of that time, but it has been so completely modernised in- & externally as to seem more like a house of James 1st time.  It is replete with every comfort.  It has a large library full of the old books which one reads of but never meets except in the British Museum & is filled everywhere with old family portraits, among which I have originals of several in Lodges Portraits - by Van Dyck [indecipherable] &c.  One wd. specially please you tho the most modern being the full length portrait of Sir p. Vere Broke who lived & died here.  Several articles of [indecipherable] are made out of the oak of the Shannon, and her figure head is in the back Hall.  There are some magnificent [indecipherable] of lime trees running in different directions, one running down to the [indecipherable] a large estuary, especially [indecipherable] & beautiful.  The park is very large & plied with fine old timber, and the gardens very extensive & well kept.  The B & S have been for a fortnight by ourselves, having the advantage

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