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from London when Peter was giving me an account of what had happened in my absence.  By the way he said Mangles has shot my two weasels.  The weather was brought up by somebody at dinner & shortly after when the conversation turned upon the root crops of the District the remark was made by another that whatever they might say of their Turnips the less they said of these mangled weasels the better. 

A very ludicrous thing occurred in a boat on one of the Lochs among some ferny [indecipherable] & once ferry [indecipherable] which grow there.  A Miss Parke the daughter of Col. Parke of the Blues caught a large Pike 9 lbs in weight! and on it being hauled in drawing back in fight fell over the [indecipherable] in anything but the [indecipherable] bulk of [indecipherable] and later joy, [indecipherable] the beast of a fish jumped right into the  [indecipherable] & kept flopping about there while the girl was screaming & her companions [indecipherable] with laughter.  The [indecipherable] at last advanced with [indecipherable] eyes it is to be hoped, & [indecipherable] the scaly intruder.

Mulier formosa [indecipherable], Desinit in piscem!! as Knight says.


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