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for ideas.  The mass of Nierembergia mentioned in the G.C. looks like a mantle of verdure let [indecipherable] from Heaven.  I never saw anything more perfect in vegetation among the many striking things from contract on J. Veitch's yellow Crotons.  They are perhaps 20 feet high and with their very bright green leaves & marked weeping habit look like cascades of gold.  [indecipherable] in flood time the most lovely plant in flower have I seen was the Amherstia.  Thwaites told me that the most showy thing in the garden perhaps was the large Lagerstroemia.  The grandest plant was the gigantic Bamboo from [indecipherable] Dendrocalamus, the stems of which are of a bright blue color 70 feet high while they are at least a foot in diameter.  When you look up at the masses of this glorious plant you involuntarily think of the days when the [indecipherable] of coal was all in all its [indecipherable] freshness.  I of course spoke to Thwaites whom I found most wonderfully kind & attentive about Camden and the plants from there.  He spoke with [indecipherable] respect & kindness of you but said that it was not worth his while 

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