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weather Sir do you call it, dreadful weather!  Sir it is brutal weather brutal weather, & this is the only proper description for our winter as far as it has gone.  I had a vile carbuncle on my neck just before Xmas & it has so weakened me [indecipherable] me so susceptible of any thing & every thing unpleasant that may be going about, that I have never been well since, now one [indecipherable] & now another.  I was thinking of getting one half of my people with Green to sit at one end of the House as a Mount Gilead, and taking the other half with me to the other end as a Mount Gherizhim [possibly Gerizim], & strive [indecipherable] setting to write among them horrible [indeciperable] in Strophes & Antistrophes, well! it is all very well to laugh, but I never had so bad a time before

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