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some dark damp hole.  I would strongly advise you were to ship another case [indecipherable] have the personal promise of the Captain that is shall be kept on deck.

I found my garden [indecipherable] wonderfully [indecipherable] & trim.  Last Summer having been a very hot one, my plantations have grown after the fashion of Australian growth.  In many cases I find shoots have been made of from 10 to 12 feet,  The place has become very pretty & just now with the Spring flowers all coming out, especially interesting.  I have to go to Town every day on business & [indecipherable] myself away from the place with no ordinary reluctance that I should do without the solace of a garden in my solitary life I do not know.  I find great changes alas among my friends, but no change in the [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable].  I have heard no particulars yet of poor Wilson Saunders fate, and now having not had the heart to allude to it before, [indecipherable] my dear good friend [indecipherable] in the fire on the renewal of the [indecipherable] fortune wh. I learn from Arthur Onslow have again visited Camden.  What can I say without I am deeply [indecipherable].

God bless you.
Ever yr. [indecipherable] attached old friend,

Geo. Macleay

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