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Nov. 28th

Pendell Court,

My dear Friend

By the "Whampoa" which sails tomorrow from London Green has sent you a case of Orchids packed in a mixture of shavings & sawdust.  He was afraid of the latter as the sole medium in such damp weather [indecipherable].  [indecipherable] has taken charge of it & has got it well safely stowed at the top of the cargo & had the Captains promise that it shall not be badly treated.  Mrs. Woolley who goes by the same ship has promised me to speak to the Captain & officers about its well being during the voyage.  The Bills of Lading you will get from [indecipherable].  The list of the contents I will forward.  They are a nice lot, very cheap I think, about 100 plants I should imagine, of which 56 different [indecipherable]

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to [indecipherable] D. Bigibbum will some be [indecipherable].  The sooner Veitch parts with his supply the better.  I left word with the Cleets when I was there that such was my opinion & the answer was that they know it.

Will write again very shortly.  With warmest love to you all.

[indecipherable] yr. affecte old friend

Geo: Macleay

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