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with their more [indecipherable].  I did this last year but the water voles ate the [indecipherable], the villians!  I must look better after them this Summer.  You talk most kindly of sending me "this that & the other".  I hope that some of my late letters would arrive in time to prevent you sending me any more Neoropteris, I have here magnificent plants you sent me two years ago, and have as many or more from Yarra.

What I do want now

a large mass of Platyclinia gigas
Gleichenia flabellata
G[leichenia] Spelunca
Doryanthes, new species Excelsa

large specimen of Xanthorrhea Australis
do. [indecipherable] Spiralis
do. Telopea Speciossima

These four last might be packed in a cask with my [indecipherable].

Current Status: 
Ready for review