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England, next season, & I will guarantee that they become the lives of not only England but the Continent, tho I imagine their ambition is of a higher cast than for social triumphs of that description.  God grant them a safe return!

Well now about Orchids.  Ley you will have learned long ago, sent you out deplorable specimens of the plants which had died in his first envoi.  I am not sanguine about his [indecipherable] lot but if half of them are alive, you will have [indecipherable] with him in the long term much as [indecipherable] with others [indecipherable] it has a [indecipherable] loss to him.  He's prices were low & simply because his plants were small.  I hope that I have done much better with the two lots from Stevens.  They are large plants [indecipherable] very cheap & have been most carefully packed.  I can only hope that the St. Osyth may make as good a passage as she did before and that the "Patriarch"

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