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Nicholson, who I imagine must be one of the Executors, had started about a week before for Italy.  He will feel poor Saltings demise very much, tho no doubt his sympathies have come free of very much in other channels.  Poor Salting has not lasted long after his great friend my brother.  When the news of Williams death arrived he came down to my house & remained crying there for an hour.  Poor dear fellow, I have shed tears over him in return.  But it is of no use to dwell on these sad subjects, if it be a misery to lose friends it would be still greater misery to him without them & death is one of the conditions of life.  I have been very much left to be grateful for & must learn to look entirely forward solely.  The very happiest thing I have in prospect is the marriage of Arthur with dear Elizabeth.  I pray sincerely that by the end of the year it may take place & that before the end of the following year there may be a little heir to Elizabeth Bay the Camden Estates & to Elizabeth Bay.  I will now concluded as I

[Cross-hatched writing]
going to write a few words to William and with my very affectionate regards to dear Mrs. Macarthur & my very [indecipherable] that is [indecipherable] I am my dear Macarthur

Yr. attached friend

Geo. Macleay

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