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fortunate as I have been in obtaining the affection of many dear friends in this world.  Poor Salting I have good reason to know felt the most sincere friendship for both Barbara & myself.  He has shown it in a thousand ways, and when he thought that I might be in want of money he came to me & offered me assistance to any amount I might need.  It is these only rich men could do such a thing, but how few rich men would do it even for a relative.  I have two [indecipherable] these dear friends who I know wd do the same thing, but take him all in all.  I feel that in him I have had a peculiar loss & mourn him accordingly.  The day before yesterday I went up to London to attend his funeral at Brompton.  Considering how people at this season are scattered far & wide it was very numerously attended.  There must have been at least 30 gentlemen present, amongst these I recognized 4 of the Flower family, Woolley, Helsing, Holt, Howe, Mollison, Maitland & Robinson, Beadleys sons-in-law, Nixon Alcott & son in law, Whitly & Andrews Gilchrist [indecipherable]


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