[Page 352]

[In pencil - 1876]

Pendell Court

Sept. 21

My dear Friend

You will receive a letter from Green by this mail enclosing a B. of Lading & the list of the Orchids despatched by the St. Osyth.  This consignment may possibly, if the Boat holds his own, arrive before the mail, but he has also written by her & of course [indecipherable] this is of the Bs of Lading 

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur

[In left margin]
in 999 times out of 100 individuals for [indecipherable] where they [indecipherable] themselves to be [indecipherable] by sentiment, within which 100.  Nations [indecipherable] when so influenced.

Many kindest of [indecipherable] to [indecipherable] to her Mother to Arthur to [indecipherable] will in a few days.  With affecte. [indecipherable] to yourself from yr. [indecipherable] old friend,

Geo: Macleay


Current Status: 
Ready for review