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Plants which have become naturalised in N.S. Wales, distinguishing becomes that which promises to be more or less beneficial such as the Peach.  Physalis Cordifolia [?] & those which are more or less ornamental such as the Linaria Supine, Verbascum &c and those which are or devoted [?] to become noxious weeds such as the [indecipherable]. Xanthium Medicago, Scotch Thistle &c.  There were several very noxious plants introduced with the Lucerne Seed brought from South America, possibly [indecipherable] plants to [indecipherable], do you [indecipherable] them.  I have been asked for this information by the Council of the Linnean Soy. and have promised to give them a paper on the subject.  All [indecipherable] however will depend upon yr. kind assistance.  Hooker is going to write formally on [indecipherable] of the nationalization or naturalisation of plants generally.  I will ask you too to forward to me one or two of the [indecipherable] wh. are occasionally dug up or found on the surface of the ground in the Cowpastures.  Such discoveries connected with the stone period have been made at Keiss of which I will trust you are [indecipherable].  I have got to the end of my paper sooner than I expected and have 

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