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of it in the Bot. Mag. and in looking at it I recognise the Orchid which I brought from Thoget of Rockhampton & gave to you, it was a morsel only.  I shall be glad to get a mass of it, but I cannot quite make out from yr. letter whether you are send it to me or whether you only send Crimsons & Amaryllis.  May I ask you when you are good enough to send me anything more to try the Doryanthes again.  My last of the plants you sent is now rapidly dying.  I suspect I brought about its dissolution by watering it.  I have a notion that it is the Xanthorrhoea & the Macrozamia might be sent [indecipherable] of a large size if packed in a [indecipherable] in dry sand.  I should be glad to get all of them and Telopeas too wh. might be sent in the same way.

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