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as I am satisfied in the former case that we should go more slowly, go we must at some pace down the path of democracy, but a [indecipherable] to politics are not all those things written and a million times better within Chambers of the [indecipherable] you would see.  I may mention before I leave the subject that Parker stood for Greenwich offering Gladstone [indecipherable]  I have not seen him since the election nor indeed for some time before but I was told that the Conservatives of the District pay his expenses.  His Brother, an [indecipherable] brought him forward.  Thank God the family at Salisbury for having [indecipherable] to think for himself.  It is his Son in law [indecipherable] Welsh County.  Hamilton & 

[Cross-hatched writing]
and now goodbye my good fellow.  With our affectionate regards to you & all at Camden Park,

Ever yrs.

Geo. Macleay

John Veitch is at Hyams again for the winter, better than he was his brother tells me.  Oh, I had nearly forgotten one matter about which I wished to write to you.  Will you broadly consult with Barton what is but to be done with the land I gave to the Church behind Brownlow Hill for the benefit of the Church of the district?

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