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of Psalms & Anthems had upon his [indecipherable].  It will be a week for I( am afraid before I( can get about.  The season has not been a [indecipherable] one for England [indecipherable] has been [indecipherable] disagreeable.  My out of door Camellias & Palms,  Chamaerops are not damaged in the least.

No word yet of the unfortunate Windsor Castle.  I may write off the Tree Ferns, the Crimsons[?] & the [indecipherable] I am afraid.  I am very very sorry to have lost them.  You are good enough to ask me to do [indecipherable]  & ask for him.  What can I ask for of him interest to me, more Tree Ferns, more Crimsons more Hippeastrums

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