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of this collection came out in [indecipherable] conditions.  The [indecipherable] by the way came in a few days [indecipherable] after a previous time [indecipherable] of 28 days only buying in a case from Moon, very good things indeed from this list for to order, but I have not yet got possession of it.  I hope to send you by this same Boat a collection of some things that may be welcome, but Green is very busy just now with his Hay.  In spite of all evil prophesies I hope to get almost 50 

[In left margin]

Elizabeth has got [indecipherable] trouble well.  I wish that I could [indecipherable] & see you all again.  Now good bye & God bless you.  [indecipherable] dear Elizabeth.

Very affy. yrs.

Geo: Macleay

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Ready for review