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At Sea, Off Aden

Feby 25

My dear old Friend

You have been much acquainted with the fact that having had an attack of Germ in Calcutta, contracted in the jungles of the Terai, I left as soon as I was able to get about on a coasting voyage all the way towards the Peninsula to Bombay, but I had been but a 

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]
if carried out, more successful than this attempt at "Eothen" & may I think if all you [indecipherable] able to [indecipherable] to our Nation & see all my [indecipherable] funds there again will [indecipherable] to them if [indecipherable].

Yrs very affy.

Geo: Macleay


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