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in Australia.  We cannot but as to the [indecipherable] case that has affected our dear friends families again? or learn [indecipherable] ourselves [indecipherable] sufferers on the Murrumbidgee wherever the evil has fallen, it is past praying for & we must just consider in what patience we can summon the arrival of our letters.  Alas! alas! it is no use getting out of the grave of misfortune oneself.  One cannot isolate oneself in this world, nor is it in truth desirable that one should be able to do so.  It is painful to be called upon to sympathise with friends in misfortune but how incomparably more painful to have no friends.  I cannot my dear fellow now that I have got upon this idea of the flood turn to anything else.  If it should have been that you have been visited in this manner again, I can only say that in our own grief, the grief which I cannot but feel awaiting us

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