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Your Brother James is 

in the Colony

rural at a day rate 1/8 on the Colony [indecipherable] I have been accustomed to receive of late.  I can only hope that Gods bounty may in some measure counteract man's folly for if [indecipherable] some men prone to destroy their [indecipherable] Robertson & Conifer deserves a place om the Category, I am in fear & trembling about my [indecipherable] must be more or less affected by this most absurd & [indecipherable] of free selection which will be [indecipherable] accused [?] to my selector as [indecipherable] a selector.  Thank God if it goes to the wall.  I shall shall have the means of [indecipherable] my wife give me. 

In kindest love to you all,
Ever yr affecte. friend

Geo. Macleay

Current Status: 
Ready for review