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There is a new [indecipherable] reason of health he showed us why it should not be carried there.  None of them left me except except Cyprus, Crete & Athens an [indecipherable] to see [indecipherable] are now to my [indecipherable] so indeed shall not be sorry to see them all a second time.  I would [indecipherable] have gone to India, but first one thing I have another [indecipherable] which prevented my [indecipherable] out by original milestones.  I was to have [indecipherable] besides & the "brutal" weather we have altogether, are but goo glad to follow on the route of Cootes Journals or my other [indecipherable].  The winter has been abominable, we have had nearly 2 months of frosts with scarcely [indecipherable] than a [indecipherable] or calamity of a temperature

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my youth, a piece of [indecipherable] land as you say it in [indecipherable] ground with flowering bulbs is one of the loveliest things in nature.  I lease acres 


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