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Rome, April 13th

My dear Friend

You will think that the very demon of Restlessness has taken possession of me, whereas it is the Demon of Gout that has got hold of my Toe, & in the hope of exorcising him or leaving him behind somewhere [indecipherable] I have come off again to "forein parts", [indecipherable] the 

The Honble,
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]

him let me thank you as I do [indecipherable] for the cases coming home in the "Whampoa".  I note all you say by the way of the [indecipherable] of fineness in the [indecipherable] sent for packing & the benefit of close packing.

With kindest love to the dear Onslows

Current Status: 
Ready for review