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Of late years the reports from Camden have been like the messages [indecipherable] to Job detailing one misfortune after another & you write of them all, my dear Fellow, with an easiness of mind that that worthy Patriarch did not know.  [indecipherable] that the Colony's debt to [indecipherable] has now been paid, that there may be no more droughts, & no more floods, & no more [indecipherable] for many a long year.  I have been looking anxiously for a telegram in the Papers announcing the breaking up of this last Drought, but as yet I have seen no such welcome news, and I sadly fear now that the rains will not come before April.  I cannot bear to think of the mischief that another two months of dry weather must entail, but it is of no use to dwell on these wretched [indecipherable].  They used to [indecipherable] my poor brother.  Happily you are made of 

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