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people seem to know but little about these fine things, I am glad to say that I have found someone to do the grafting, which I got finished on Saturday, and hope, satisfactory, the leakage at the boy [buoy ?] has been stoped, and shall probably have the Trout in this week.  I am getting on with the new water tank and Mr. Waycott is preparing for the Fernhouse plants and flowers out doors, on account of cold weather do not look so happy as when you left, there was a sale of Orchids on Thursday last on which I ventured £2.12.6 for a good healthy plant of Angraecum sesquipidale [sesquipedale] large plant of Max. venuta, Cattleya speciosissima 6 Odont. Oncid Weltonia [?], all moderate & 30/- for an imported plant of Nanodes Medusea


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