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of most lovely weather & if she had only been with me I would have been I think too happy, tho no doubt poor Saltrys death has been a sad sad [indecipherable] too.

You will ask how we came here.  The proprietor Sir G. Broke Middleton when he came with his Uncle Mr. W. Middletons property [indecipherable] to a still pine plain shrublands & determined to let Broke Hall.  I know him & he applied to me.  I came down to look at it & fell in love with it but I could never persuade B. to come down for the same purpose.  She thought it too far from Town & too large.  Well I then persuaded our friend Peter to come & look at it & he took it at once.  The shootings are very extensive.  There are now awaiting his shooting 1000 Partridges & 1500 Pheasants.  Peter reserves this portion [indecipherable] he wont leave Scotland & has offered me the use of the House until the winter.  Now that B has seen it she likes the place amazingly & regrets my not having taken it, it is possible that in another year the lease of it may fall into my hands.  Strangely enough Sir G. having no children, all these large properties will fall into the hands of his nieces, two little girls whose brother was a Hamilton of Sundrum in Ayrshire.  My wifes niece Margaret Innes

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