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of most lovely weather & if she had only been with me I should have been I think too happy, tho no doubt poor Saltrys death has been a sad sad [indecipherable] too.

You will ask how we came here.  The proprietor Sir G. Broke Middleton when he came with his Uncle Mr. W. Middletons property [indecipherable] to a still [indecipherable[ plan [indecipherable] & determined to let Broke Hall.  I know him & he applied to me.  I came down to look at it & fell in love with it but I could never persuade B. to come down for the same purpose.  She thought it too far from Town & [indecipherable].  Well I then persuaded one friend Peter to come & look at it & he took it at once.  The shootings are very extensive.  These are now awaiting here shooting 1000 Partridges & 1500 Pheasants.  Peter reserves this portion [indecipherable] tho wont leave Scotland & has offered me the use of the House until the winter.  Now that B has seen it she likes the place amazingly & regrets my not having taken it, it is possible that in another year the lease of it may fall into my hands.  Strangely enough Sir [indecipherable] having no children, all these large properties will fall into the hands of his nieces, two little girls whose brother was a Hamilton of Sundrum in Ayrshire.  My wifes been Margaret times.

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