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Pendell Court, July 13.

My dear old Friend

[indecipherable] letter of the 26th of Dec. [indecipherable] here fifteen days after containing report [indecipherable] of matters interesting to me, but nothing more so than your seemed [indecipherable] of the value & low returns of Green's first "envoi" of this last lot.  I can but hope that the last two may give you far more satisfaction than these [indecipherable].  I wish to [indecipherable] the Gt. [indecipherable] Route a few days ago mentioning that I had seen [indecipherable] Lincoln who wd. of course send you a B. of L. a box of [indecipherable] out of which you are to take what you wanted & then I had on the remainder to State of Brisbane.  I am to be debited with the expenses attending the [indecipherable] of the same.  As to [indecipherable] Hopes extermination I cannot expect much

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur M.L.C.l

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which most people [indecipherable] doubt.  [indecipherable] said, we must take all that is lost.  I think that [indecipherable] are one ally.  We may [indecipherable] grizzly Bear, whatever the Brute may think you will be safe enough in Australia [indecipherable] the Polar family of the Brute.  [indecipherable] affy yrs,

Geo: Macleay


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