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and other plants do go wonderfully cheap.  Fancy my buying a specimen of Gardener floridu [?], 4 feet high by about 6 feet in diameter for 28/ !  I sold the flowers at 3d each.  I could clear I daresay £6 by it within two months!

Yesterday Dr. & Mrs. Chisholm of whom I only heard a week ago! came up here to see me.  I like them both, he more particularly for he is a clever little fellow & I should have been glad to have had him for a week.  This morning he went over the House & grounds with me tho' it was raining hard & he will be able to give you some present idea of what I have here & are doing.  I might have shown him my Tree Ferns, all doing right well, my P. Telopeas, my 4 Gigantii Lilies & other plants which came from you but I had not time

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