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and I went down to Scotland on the 11th on the 19th I received a telegram informing [indecipherable] return as a great change for the worse had taken place & on my arrival in Town on the 21st I found that my poor Sister had breathed her last on the previous day.  Then another or our own Mr. [indecipherable] family had passed away.  Which of us next is to follow?  I am afraid not one of us certainly not I myself can be [indecipherable] to will proceed for the just

[Cross-hatched writing]
I have written to him about them & he will return them to you.  By the time you receive this John [indecipherable] will be with you.  I hint that your [indecipherable] will permit you "ungrudgingly of yourself" to accompany him to all that is of interest in our part of the Colony.  Remember me kindly to the working young man and with our [indecipherable] regards to yourself.

Believe me [indecipherable]
Yr. very [indecipherable] friend

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