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Victoria.  The Nat. History specimens in all the Col. Exh. are very [indecipherable], those of  N.S.W. are in the most wretched condition.  The P. of Wales [indecipherable] has been so pleased with the show the Colonies make, that [indecipherable] that he has offered to [indecipherable] of the Col. Institute, not then I state "under [indecipherable].


Geo. Macleay

[Crosss-hatched writing]

her Whampoo [indecipherable] in capital order [indecipherable] the large [indecipherable] which I [indecipherable] hopeless by sleeping with its Interns.  I have your £60 all safe & Green is attending on the [indecipherable].  By the way he does not like to [indecipherable] the charge


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