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in his time & up to the home period [indecipherable]] found than pay.  I hope the Dist. will befriend him no longer & that the law at last will get a hold of him.  Fitzpatrick I never liked & always strongly suspected his honesty.  I do trust that both these villains may be publicly disgraced.  I saw Lady Macarthur a few days ago and as she began talking on the subject to me I told her that I wd send that part of your letter to her to show her that she has nothing to dread in the way of expenditure.  I saw Parker & yr. sister at the door just as I was coming away.  All three are looking pretty well.  The Fitz reminds me of another, Fitzgerald, a very different man.  I shall be very grateful to you for the gift of his beautiful work, but I feel ashamed to accept it when I think of its costliness, you should have let me look about first myself by these Fellows.  What do I not owe to you & your dear brother James & Camden generally.  I have no words to express the extent

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