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a woman of property having something in the way of an independence of his own.  Arthur Onslow has £300 a year which he thought would be enough for all his personal expenditure, as it was understood that he wanted to set up an establishment of his own.  Should he find this sum inadequate I told him that I could increase it.  Now touching settlements, I do not see that he can do beyond signing a Bond undertaking after he comes into possession of Elizabeth Bay to lay by, say £1000, £1500 or £2000 every year for so many years to be rested in Trustees for the benefit of his widow & after her death to go to the younger children.  This I think ought to be done, but I do not see what I can do, at least in connection with the Elizabeth Bay property.  This I can do make a settlement, say for £5000 upon Elizabeth in case of her marriage and of her Husband predeceasing me, so that such a Bond as that above alluded to ceased to be of value.  *  This, should your and Mrs Macarthur think it desirous I will do but perhaps I should mention that 

* to be paid after my death

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