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is being prepared for Gard. [indecipherable].  Bignonia speciosa is now flowering in new house, Alpinia nutans just showing fl. I have plants on back wall all the cacti we have and hope to get more from Kew before you return, Fuchsia arborea is flowering  Aster argophyllus, Habrothanus corymbosus [possibly Habranthus]. The Telopea plants are doing well but, I fear no flowers this season.  hardy flowers as yet are few, Primula Stuartii is very pretty with its bright rose colored flowers, many of our outdoor shurbs [shrubs] begin to show the effects of the long winter, the leaves of common Laurels & Portugal's look very rusty, yet with a little cutting will come to rights  some plants of Cisti have escaped, Chamerops [Chamaerops] not hurt, camellias and most of the other 

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